I’m experiencing some trouble with author links. Sometimes when I read a good article, I like to click on the author’s name to go to their Kinja page for more. This usually works fine, but I’ve been noticing that it sometimes doesn’t work, like there’s no link when I go to click on their name. Is this a glitch or maybe some kind of private setting? I can usually find their Kinja page by googling for it, but that’s taking the long way around..

Here’s an example: http://jalopnik.com/we-set-a-cross… Alex’s name at the top of the page is un-clickable, but luckily he left some replies under his own article and I can click on his name from there to reach his Kinja page. Curiously, the article I just came from is not visible among his posts.

Using Alex as an example, I’d also like to know what is the difference between “https://kinja.com/alexroy” and “http://alexroy.kinja.com/”? I understand that the first one is the user profile, and the second one is the user’s blog. But why does the aforementioned article show up as “shared from Jalopnik” on Alex’s blog, while it’s completely invisible among his posts?

2:00 pm EDIT: I just noticed a couple of other (unrelated?) issues.

First off, I can star-recommend replies, but not posts. (Update: Somehow the posts that I am trying to recommend are visible from my profile’s “recommendations” page, so my clicks are actually getting through to Kinja. But that star never turns blue for me, and the little “You recommended this” box doesn’t appear when I click the star, either.)


Also, I am receiving multiple separate notifications on the same reply, which should be grouped together as “username1 and X others recommended your reply”. Instead, I see “username1 recommended your reply” and “username2 recommended your reply” on a separate line.

6/22 update: I see that recommending posts is back to normal. Notifications are stacking properly, too. Thanks! Still not sure what to make of the author link situation, though...